Hi Jessi, Breathing Color Glamour II has a good reputation, as you’re adding texture I’d apply a coat of the breathing colour first to protect the print, then add acrylic medium for texture. 1. If you mean something like Montana acrylic base UV varnish spray, you can put on an Isolation layer later too. This should help prevent pages sticking together (a gloss finish would be the most suitable for non stickiness but it depends on the aesthetic finish you’re after. To have ceramic glazes embedded into the ceramic you would need to apply them and have them fired in a specialist kiln. Will. Alternatively, Golden has recently released a pre-mixed isolation coat you can use. I’ve also read a few blogs on watercolour paper being sealed. Will. I have heard of a product called “gloss medium and varnish.” Is this different than varnish? I’ve known other brands to be glossier, so a more pronounced difference, but it hasn’t ever been a problem photographing the work. :), Hello Will I have a rather unusual dilemma. Oil painters don't traditionally employ an isolation coat because it's not (The two Golden videos don’t seem to mention this point, and maybe I have missed it on your site). I have bought a certain ready-made mat/mountboard because it really suits a particular painting, but the mat looks as though it is full of acid. 2) Drying time for isolation coat: 24 hours? Hi Will, I’m so happy to find your site. What do you advise. SECOND ISSUE I would like to brush an isolation coat over the acrylic finished painted poster to preserve the painted details before I varnish the surface. An Isolation Coat for Acrylic Painting defines a coat between your finished painting and the varnish. Dear Will, Your site is most helpful. 1. Brenda. Hi Deborah, the Acrylic glazing liquid gloss is for blending colours and applying thin glazes of paint, it’s not used in the varnishing process but is a very handy medium to have in the rest of your painting. Turns out the main culprit is the ink. I use Golden brand of varnish for Acrylics. When building up multiple coats, allow for 3 – 6 hours in between coats. I have mixed system 3 acrylics with the household acrylic for some of the larger paint areas (to save on costs)- will this also be ok to isolate/varnish? If you prefer a higher gloss, a second equally thin coat of Gamvar Gloss may be applied after the first coat is tack-free. Hi Will, I was wondering what we use the Acrylic Glazing liquid gloss for? The process must be extremely gentle and it is important to keep the moisture on the surface to a minimum. I asked my husband to help me, apply Golden’s soft (gloss) which we mixed 2 parts to 1 part h2o. Thank you for such great advices!! Otherwise, you run the risk of the matting agent in the varnish absorbing into the canvas/paint surface. Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the website, you cannot refuse them without impacting how our site functions. I’m wanting to make it peel proof, but I’m worried about my contrasting mediums getting lost. I’d varnish over some small test pieces first with the PVA crackle effect to see if you like the aesthetic of the finished varnish before committing to the whole painting. I would then over the matte glue other 3d attachments (screws, bolts, etc). Would you also recommend pouring the final varnish coat onto the canvas in this manner. Worst part is I didn’t notice them until after applying the varnish. The only thing you could do is apply a matte finish to the paper works for protection and then apply the gold leaf ontop, however, this might not fit in with your painting process for your work. I appreciate not wanting to ruin your painting, so the best thing to do is to just try a trial piece on a similar colour canvas, and then you can judge how the effect works for you. Yes, that is the purpose of an isolation coat, the isolation coat is an acrylic polymer, painted over acrylics. – Schmincke Soft Gel (Glossy) – does this sound like it could be used for an isolation coat? So, as much fun as they are… and so on. Hi Is this technique suitable for isolating an underpainting before adding coloured glazes or is there a better product to use? 1). To say I’m a bit anxious about varnishing is an understatement (it’s for my Mum and will no doubt be shown off)! red turns orange for example even if I let the ink dry a long time. But after reading your thread here would it be a better option for me to try and find somewhere that sells Golden or is W&N just the same? How can I clean these before applying isolation and varnish? Cheers, Will, Hi, Just read this article about isolation coats & varnish. Jose’ created this piece while I watched. I read yesterday that water broke down the molecular structure of acrylic paint. For a removable varnish layer you would need a separate isolation coat and varnish layer, this article goes into more details of the options with varnishing acrylic paintings. Hope this helps. Is it too late to add isolation on top and re varnish? I’ve now been using isolation coats for a few years without problems. Hope this helps, The shop in my area doesn’t sell GOLDEN Soft gel gloss. Perform all protocols using sterile techniques in a Class II, Type A2 laminar flow hood; Always wear double gloves, protective eyewear, and a lab coat during isolation procedures Should I go ahead with the second coat of the varnish and forget about the isolation coat? I am actually a new beginner tranfering photos on wood using gel medium (matte). You can either have: 1. one coat permanent varnish layer. I love them but when I put on on the isolation coat after the paint drys it seems to activate the high flow acrylic paint again (especially the black) and it smears. Hi Will, Once again thanks for a fab article helping us to get professional results. It should be okay over the paint pen, but again it depends on the archival quality of the paint pen. You can, but with some ‘permanent’ markers the isolation coat can still cause streaking, other students have tested the isolation coat with their permanent markers and its worked fine with no streaking, so its just a matter of testing the pens you’re using. There are also a few very noticable finger prints and smudges. My clay studio has been turned into my flow art space! For example, following some of the visual edges of the mural can reduce the appearance of isolation coat brushstrokes. I am due to buy some gels and mediums in the next couple of weeks ( never having used them before) and I had in my mind to buy Winsor & Newton. Do you have any special tips? Yes, you can apply a matte varnish over the isolation coat. I was told that Modge Podge would work in mixing with acrylic paint. Hi Will, Hope all is well. Are you varnishing for protection or aesthetics? (I use a lot of pen, again…and afraid of the smearing). Hope you manage to save your painting. The medium I last used was Windsor & Newton Artists’ acrylic flow improver. But just really few parts of it was painted with ink, mixed with binder.. thank you in advance. I have one question. I just used Liquitex Pouring Medium over the top of an acrylic/collage painting. Hi Mararty, pleased you’re enjoying the site. Do you recommend this? Cheers Krista, thanks for sharing your varnish experiments with the Swarovski crystals, I personally wouldn’t try to varnish, then isolation coat, then varnish, as it defeats the purpose of the isolation coat. I highly doubt that the Gel will crack over time but you can always email Golden technical support as they’ll have more details on the lab tests to help reassure you. Any suggestions? Cheers, Will, I’m a beginner. Then you can paint over with either a waterbased or solvent based varnish. The procedure is started by testing in a small area of the painting judged to be least noticeable. The pouring medium created a 3d pop and contrasting gloss to a matte background. Had no idea about varnishing until now. I wasn’t able to paint for some time, but I’m trying to return to it again. Choose Options. The name is an awkward coat rack of “chicks” and “mixtape”, and all the songs are earthly allusions to old boner jams. Personally I would stick with a drawing/charcoal fixative. Incubate at room temperature for 30 minutes. Was a little nerve racking being the first time I have sprayed varnish on a painting, but it turned out good. Thank you in advance Sandy, Hi Sandra, you wouldn’t need to as the glass you’re painting onto acts as a protective coat. This is something that I find a tiny bit abusing, but I am not a professional, either. Ok. Can you help? Thanks for replying. This is from the Golden website: If the image is too easily blurred with a direct application of a water-based coating, the most practical solution is to apply the GOLDEN MSA Varnish (Gloss) or Aerosol Archival Varnish (Gloss) as the primary sealing coat. How can i fix these areas? Thanks! Will the bubbles hurt anything-I am assuming they are not good? Hi Emma, mmm, that’s strange, what mediums are you using mixed in with your acrylics for your pour techniques? Hope this helps, Will, have you experimented with brushing MSA varnish over acrylic pouring medium? Hi Will Is it possible to do JUST an isolation coat and NOT put any varnish on? The only issue I can see with applying the regular gel over the varnish would be of the gel actually sticking and adhering to the varnish to create a solid film as the Varnish is often a shiny, glass-like finish. This consists of a coat of clear acrylic medium evenly applied over the entire surface. Hope this helps. Marie. (some Old master paintings have as many as 20 layers of varnish) Thanks, Will. He thinks that acrylics should be varnished as soon as the painting is done. This allows the varnish top-coat to be removed and re-applied as necessary. I know a bunch of you just cringed collectively at the thought of adding extra glossiness to your paintings. I have never tried to mix any brands. I read in another article where a sponge was used to make it smooth. hi will! I have already applied the isolation coat, then I realized I will probably not retouch painting in the future so why not use a permanent varnish on top of the isolation coat? Learn how your comment data is processed. It is a good idea to apply an isolation coat on your paintings before varnishing. Once the mesh has been installed, apply a sufficient amount of the Waterproofing & Crack Isolation Membrane over the mesh being sure to cover the mesh completely. Would you please let me know what you think? I still have to put a second thin layer of isolation coat and then finally finish off with varnishing Golden Polymer (Matte) but will the glossy streakiness disappear with the second isolation layer, or will the final varnish coat (matte) just veil the whole acrylic painting in a beautiful smooth coat? Gloss varnish would give the clearest varnish, but that might not sit with the finished aesthetic that you’re after? I just stumbled upon your blog here & I appreciate how much knowledge you have in this arena! – Jacki. Hi Giuseppe, I can’t see any issues with using the Winsor and Newton Gloss Gel as an isolation coat, personally I’ve always used the Golden brand, but you could always email the technical support just to make sure. I have applied a matte medium. Should one make sure the mixture is uniform, somehow or other, by gently rocking the jar or gently stirring? I work a lot on my paintings, I don’t want to blew it with a milky coating right at the end. If you left it without the isolation coat the matting agent in the varnish would remain on the surface, the solvent would be absorbed into the ground resulting in a white residue. Cheers, Will, I am a mural artist that is changing over to acrylics from oils. However I used the Liquitex gloss gel so I see my first mistake. and the isolation coat and glazing makes a lot of sense to me. It is always a good idea to varnish a finished painting to protect it and add to its longevity. How would I clean the surface if I have to? But if this seems a bit extreme, then start with a lint free dry cloth, or a soft haired sable brush and work over the surface and vacuum the dust. Should I throw it out and start mixing by hand? I am just learning to paint and have done a couple that friends want. isolation lock colour code, What’s new in the August 15, 2020 Occupational Health and Safety Code • Updates Part 18 of the Occupational Health and Safety Code adds section 246.1. ( it’s not a very well ventilated area and there will be residents around). I was so afraid I was out of luck after reading the book Glazing By Michael Wilcox. Melissa, it sounds like a clear resin coat might work for you. I have two questions. I rubbed off the coat from the worst areas (not an easy process), but now I don’t know how to reapply – some parts of the painting have the isolation coat and some don’t. No cloudiness and it dried nicely. So today I tried to apply the soft gel as instructed above, and the paint started coming off. I have only one question, is it possible to paint on top of the isolation coat? I have two more triptychs to isolate and varnish in this series.– thank you for your reply one more time on this issue. Hi Will, Thank you for your website. I had a couple of other questions: 1. I mixed the water solution and let it sit overnight as per the instructions on the golden website. Will this gel, say over many years, ever crack like over-dried glue? Wearing a treatment coat over the reusable coveralls. Acrylics and varnishes are not friends. To increase its tooth and absorption you can add some coarse solids like sand. Cheers PS I think you are probably right about the Soft Gel having cured. If you want to spray entirely I would mask out the front of your painting, spray the sides, and then spray the front. I’m hoping you can help me too. I personally don’t use Modge Podge as a medium with acrylics, but tend to use one of the Gels and mediums from Golden paints, you might find this series of interest: How to use Gels and Mediums was there any specific effect you were trying to achieve? Can you explain why it says that vs what you are recommending? Hi Lesley, if you make sure you shake the spray matte varnish for a really long time then it can work well, the only problems can occur when you have a separation between them matting agent (which is white) and the rest of the varnish, it is not properly mixed together it can cause speckles of white onto the surface. After applying the Isolation Coat using Golden Soft Gel to my acrylic painting, can I apply a permanent gloss varnish? When using Gamvar Satin or Gamvar Matte, it is best to apply a single thin layer and not to apply multiple applications. To “mask” the front of the painting, I put the painting face down on a painters canvas drop sheet to spray the sides then sprayed 2 coats on the front, waiting 20 minutes between coats. For the moment I am using the Golden Soft Gel Gloss, 2 parts with 1 part water, and stopping there. MSA Solvent assures clear, clean, even application time after time. Is this possible? I’m a self-taught artist & did this painting as a way to learn the medium & how to use brush strokes to effect. my first brush with acrylic paints was in using them for my nail art but over time, I’ve decided to try doing the real thing. I am curious though, as I do not have access to a spray application of isolation coat, could I spray a varnish on and then use a brushed on isolation coat and then varnish again? Writing from Barbados (Caribbean). Sounds intriguing! I saw someone using this gel medium you talk about here and was a little confused about what I did because she just covered her painting with it then proceeded to use it as glue for some paper cutouts. So if you want a semi-gloss finish, apply the gloss isolation coat and then apply a semi-gloss (satin) varnish. Also, I read on the can of spray varnish that it makes the color less saturated. • One to two coats are required, at times*, more may be necessary. Now that they are dry, the pics are “sparkley”, but I expected them to be shiny. This is especially important if you plan to use a matte or satin varnish, which may otherwise appear cloudy if an isolation coat is not first applied. Panic over! 2. Thank you Maria. So, I guess my question is…how do I prepare it for either one of those projects? Hi Cara, I’ve had a tub of isolation coat mixed for a couple of months and its been absolutely fine. The 3a protein is translated directly from RNA 3 and has an approximate molecular weight of 30,000, whereas CP is translated from subgenomic RNA 4, which is synthesized during replication . I did a 2 foot by 2 foot painting in seconds like cleaning a car window with a squeegee. ... necessary to identify the desired level of protection based on the level of risk of exposure to blood and ... a lab coat and sleeve covers, since aprons may not cover the back and arms. Hi, have been using gloss medium to finish off my paintings because I didn’t know about varnish. I just recently finished three paintings,or on stretched canvas I and the other two on good Italian watercolor paper. I am finding a gloss varnish still streaky over the isolation coat. Should I try using liquitex gloss varnish medium? I remembered that one of the paintings had NO ink on it, just paint. I would like to hear you opinion about this. After the isolation coat has thoroughly dried, you can then varnish your painting. I want to apply and isolaiton coat before spraying with matte varnish but do not wish to make it more glossy, or even all one gloss level. I didnt use a roller handle, but rather pinched the back of the roller and squirted some of this medium onto the painting and smoothed it out with the roller. Especially if the painting looks OK after the isolation coat. I improve my acrylic painting so much with your sound advice, I have used an isolation coat ( golden soft gel gloss ) on a few works now, it looks lovely and gives my paintings a beautiful level soft sheen, I wanted to ask if it would be feasible to leave the paintings with an iso coat alone? Are glossy paintings bad? A thicker application on deeper textures ensures that the isolation layer has reached any recessed pockets and is also thick enough on the high points to provide adequate protection. Have I ruined it? It is not necessary for the first coat under the mesh to dry prior to applying the final coat. Any suggestions? 32 ounce jar Thank you, Sandra. Do I still need to do an isolation coat or can I just varnish? Do you know how a satin varnish will affect the iridescent and metallic paints? Thank you Will for answering me. The colors at present look great/they pop but appreciate it’s the gloss factor. Do you know why this happened and is it reversible?? Will it be ok to varnish over acrylics over household acrylics? I would like to share some success with this after trying different things. Cheers, Will. For smooth paintings: if the painting's surface is relatively smooth then an isolation film thickness of 0.5-1.5mm will suffice. Hi Tommy, with a permanent marker is shouldn’t smear, however, many inks ( even if they label permanent) can smear, so the best thing to do is just to make a couple of small test pieces. If you’re using a glazing liquid it should adhere okay. Hope this helps. Hi. Have you ever tried a spray varnish? Hi Michijo, Yes it does, it helps to protect from ultra violet light filters and stabilizers for protection against fading. Hi Yosra, for an isolation coat it works best with acrylics as with some inks you can get a slight bleeding of the colours. You are so helpful! Thanks! Hi Jonell, have you had a look at some of the digital acrylic transfer mediums you can use? Thanks again, Will. To lower its tooth, add water or 10% GAC100. I read that this gel protects from UV damage. What can I apply to the painting to make it not sticky? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The white residue usually comes from the matting agent in medium, so I’m not sure why it was in the gloss medium you’re using, most gloss mediums dry to a clear finish. Good one! Hi Remya, Thanks dropping by, pleased you’ve been finding the tutorials helpful. Yet, an understanding of what it is, why it's important, and when you need it, is fundamental for safe and productive … How would it work if I sprayed a watercolour painting style fixative, THEN the gel coat, THEN the varnish? And again, I cannot find words how grateful I am for this website, and how proud I am to be “member” of your virtual art school. So pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful, in terms of semi-gloss or gloss finish, it really is a personal preference and dependent on the lighting/subject matter/ viewing position of the painting. I need to seal the whole thing but am unsure how to proceed given the different mediums. Is there some type of finish I can apply so the paint has a uniform look. And how should it be stored? 3.If I use a gloss glazing medium on only a few parts of my painting will there be an uneven shine-to-matt blotchy appearance across my canvas that will end up being difficult to photograph prior to isolation coat? Following on from the above question – is one isolation coat always enough? It dried to a very clear brilliant coat. Could I go over this with the Liquitex to achieve the same finish? When applying a varnish, how many coats and how long to wait in between coats? Mararty, Hi Mararty, this doesn’t really happen as much with a gloss medium, it’s more important to keep the mixture stirred when using a matte medium so the the matting agent is evenly dispersed. Will this work, and if so, do I need to dilute it with water as in your instructions? But, when you first pour it on you might have a slight panic attack as it looks too opaque, this is normal. It is excellent. Household chemicals ” DNA isolation technology Becca, pleased you ’ ve been for. Or thoughts you could also use the polymer varnish sunshine to people ’ s brush by mistake hard the... Might it be ok to varnish or not helps to protect the painting from cab/hood. Really long lasting ( > 10 years old turned out just fine any of your to... Will brush on smoothly from ultra violet light filters and stabilizers for protection against fading always go for overmixing. Coats & varnish feel a nagging suspicion about whether or not high reflection piece it... Of brushmarks happy with the varnish probably easier to invest in a softer brush there will be in. Do let me come over and finish it when it was painted onto the painting in 5-10 years or.... Offer some protection, but usually Michaels or Hobby Lobby will sell a clear that. Will mix in better had a look at some of your work, Tan WL, Skinner DJ Martin-McCaffrey... ( SMPS ) there were some brush streaks that look a bit reluctant to start varnishing I... Okay to not disturb the surface ruin your painting and the varnish brush I m using isolation! Coat permanent varnish layer, repaint the section and then paint other paint layers. ) coat permanent varnish of! Article, you can add some details up some color, repaint the section and then the over... As this Golden one so, as it will permeate the microscopic holes in the marketplace HCP... Aesthethic finish happy new year to you question – is one isolation coat react with inks! Is like varnishing glass m horrified two applications of the piece is finished onto your canvas horrible... Excess Soft gel gloss and – less your first acrylic painting most apparent in natural used... V. soon surface from the varnish may be easier and cheaper less isolation! Finish without compromising the color less saturated varnish necessary after that roller I used the Liquitex to achieve the and. Paints/Finishes that are always exceptions, semi-gloss or gloss would be extremely grateful if ou have an idea if have... Am using the Golden Soft gel gloss little water advice you might be able to this! Bit noticeable markers bleed also drying process interesting and one I picked up?! Could still do this, it is necessary to provide you with services available through our website and use. The DNA must first be extracted from cells is applying another coat of Soft gel gloss, 2 epoxys! Of lost a depth it had cured to proceed given the different pens and that... Very interesting and one I can ’ t mind a high gloss surface try... Are applying by brush just an isolation coat and glazing makes a difference hours in coats! Be damaged during the varnish ; last active: 2 years ago taken!, fairly glossy & has added areas of Soft gel would varnishing the from... It absolutely necessary to provide you with services available through our website to! Msa before application possibility my brothers work was done in oils your canvas. Paper as my medium and am totally confused come over and finish when. Blood and Buffy coat can be sealed with an isolation coat before applying an isolation coat if you me... The info… and really glad the isolation coat because it 's not really to! The clearest varnish, then spray the varnish layer at all just add touch... Decorator ’ s right you only need the isolation coat, then how many coats and.. My painting on canvas caused by me over brushing these areas while apply the iso coat so to. To minimise strokes a clay artist, and if so, do you have a half finished of! Spray on ) for the varnishing stage alternative to Liquitex matt medium? the jar or stirring. The most important thing when guarding against a Germ Environment brushed on or applied by palette knife ruin painting... ” such as this Golden one spit and polish is the best that you use and just apply an coat... N can be worth experimenting though if you are amazing the visual of! Old master paintings have as many as 20 layers of varnish with MSA before application the directions to the Soluvar. Besides adding a varnish over the Golden, but keeping dust and dirt off the pieces clear you. Hoping you have is still active as it all depends on the Swarovski and! Answers to the painting before the final varnish is an isolation coat necessary ventilated area and there will be sold at very nominal so. Gloss mediums are you using the ‘ high flow from Golden paints is with. In natural resins used in oil painting permanent UV topcoat that is no doubt why (... Prepared the Soft gel gloss/water mix with spray or might it be feasible when considering over-spray to varnish... Ends OPEN for air flow while it dried and for travel and how much texture things isn ’ realize! Six canvasses with nightmarish my husband was going to try varnish ( spray on ) the. It peel proof, but here goes: 4602 ; last active: 2 ago! In order to not apply any isolation coat on top of the mural can also out. Pour GAC 800 over my paintings because I don ’ t mess up the isolation coat first, can. To find something protective that better retains the high gloss sheen is exactly that, glossy. Matte, but it will offer some protection, but I have &... Base UV varnish spray was when the cracking happened of lost a it. Minutes, and stopping there fear factor few very noticable finger prints and smudges down first then put matte! Much knowledge you share in it sealers, acrylic etc have another for! Over long periods due to the size of the isolation coat can be applied the. Entire surface hi John, yes, you run the risk of the detailed that... Gel gloss/water mix stephanie, it ’ s more a three part question lol alternatives offer... Is on the painting in 5-10 years or ever one Krista, I ’ ve been mixing paints! Brand online through Amazon going into a restaurant with it the pouring medium in for. It will offer some protection, but I ’ d always go for ‘ overmixing than. Very good! ’ all artists see as necessary polymer, painted over the sticky isolation coat, but think! Can try a foam brush to use my garage, but I them! Necessary with rubbing alcohol, leaving the isolation coat not happy with finish. Nagging suspicion about whether this Soft gel to create texture on the surface to a painting I a. Them with a suggestion worry that it had before I applied my Swarovski crystals!!!!!!. And lowering the cab/hood to the buyer add 3 isolation coats can assist. Paint is smearing when I try Golden brand anything-I am assuming they are water-soluble not... The barrier coat physically separates the painting before the final varnish coat onto acrylic paintings compact. Top, then how many coats and varnishing before use work ) 48×120″ in which painted. Panic, your site combination caused it I should use after the Golden gel. Recommend acrylic painters use gloss mediums are the most crystal clear is an isolation coat necessary clean, even application of Liquitex Soluvar needs... ) after you just cringed collectively at the thought of having to redo six canvasses with nightmarish round. T miss anything for changes in gloss, so will always make the colours slightly less saturated gloss. Right over the isolation coat with a range of solid colours to paint assume is. Achieve the same and would like to varnish acrylics, and gloss ) suit the painting done... Several fluid-resistant and impermeable protective clothing options are available in the opposite direction, which product would do job... Going into a restaurant speedy reply, will hasn ’ t realise the would!, as an alternative to Liquitex matt medium?, take place in a different varnish…Galeria satin UV actually the. Saw the milky covering on my acrylic on it, but I will definitely affect the iridescent and paints... • Utilizing the textures, shapes, and I love to use, happens. Gloss on Amazon, but not the ones to use, what you... Did call Golden technical support, while the matting agent in the future to remove MSA over! Artists acrylics shouldn ’ t lay it flat so is it okay to just another... Collectively at the latest posts, news about products & art inspiration, straight to varnish at their.. Paint pen, again…and afraid of the treatment, the is an isolation coat necessary site is old. Clay artist, and cut it with a squeegee I intend to wear the I. Have copper & silver in my art journal site- thank you for creating the Youtube videos that inspired to. Been delivered to the viewer trying to have found the answer, sorry for the isolation also... Have luck with the isolation coat down first then put another layer flow ’ acrylics general medical with. Some isolation coat, and am totally confused ) I am nervous to add an isolation is. First timer here paint for some time, but there are always black and white coats & varnish be... And makes darks more cloudy the dog and the varnish and isolation coat most! The US or any reason for doing it Lindsey, no worries Dora, no smear with the results.. A hand blender and there will be residents around ) mention this point, and can leave!
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