Periodically, remove the ham from the refrigerator and inject it with the brining liquid. After that, inject as evenly as possible... • If a little brine seeps out, that's OK. You will know if bone sour has occurred in your ham if you have a sour smell around the bone or a sour taste to the meat around the bone. Preheat your … Use low heat and bring the mixture to a boil. The darker the brown sugar is that you use, the more molasses is in the sugar. Pumping 20% means you need 50% less nitrite in the brine. Remove the ham from the brine… Water works fine on its own, but it doesn't impart flavor; for more flavor, combine water or fully replace it with another suitable fluid. Injecting more brine into the meat will not affect the sugar and salt levels. Page 1 of 2 Morton Tender Quick For meats, poultry and fish, Morton Tender Quick is a mixture of curing salts and other ingredients. Stir to melt the ice. 2. Your home-cured ham will be much better tasting. Inject … Maple syrup can be used if you like maple, but you should also use just regular sugar with maple. Dry off your ham and let air dry by a fan until the ham feels sticky. google_ad_width = 160; Brine-cured meat should have 120-200 parts per million of nitrate going into the meat. Using a meat injection syringe, inject the mixture into several different spots in the pork roast. At its best, roast chicken can be one of the world’s greatest culinary achievements. Many people want to have a great quality ham at home. The point of injecting a ham prior to immersion in brine is to help shorten the time required for curing. Brown, crispy skin covers tender, juicy meat: the combination of flavors and textures is simply amazing. Dry off your ham and let air dry by a fan until the ham feels sticky. I've thought about it more since posting. A refrigerator works best for brining, but a cool cellar or basement works as well. Ham Injection Recipes. That tacky film is called pellicle. Haven't tasted it, yet, but this is the solution I used. In a small saucepan combine all ingredients and heat until the sugar is dissolved and butter is melted. Learn more about the process to create a cookbook. //-->. Worth the Wait: It Took 10 Years, but a Mother-Daughter Team Finally Killed Two Massive Colorado Mule Deer. Yet the perfect roast … You will need less nitrite with the more brine you inject. Make sure you do not add the nitrite cure until after your water has cooled. Brown, crispy skin covers tender, juicy meat: the combination of flavors and textures is simply amazing. You will need very little equipment and a couple of days for your ham to be in the brine. Injection-Brining Recipe • December 16, 2012. Place in the refrigerator. A basic look at cuts would be; You might find that is it easier to find the Picnic Ham. Ham is about 5# after losing skin & bone. Use distilled or filtered water. It is a layer of protein that will allow the smoke to stick to your brined ham. Eg. Eg. Completely submerge ham in the liquid; cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. It's easy and fun. ... Ham Brining Recipe. Your first step would be to choose the cut of pork that you want to cure. If you pump 20%, then you are going to cure your ham 4-7 days. Many people want to have a great quality ham at home. After injection, let the ham rest for a moment to cool. Water is a heat conductor. The less fat, sweeter and slightly darker meat would be the Shank End. The Picnic Ham is economical, and easier to handle because of the size. Mix all ingredients with 6 quarts cold water in a large plastic bucket or container; stir until sea salt and sugar dissolve. Mix the brine and spices together and make sure you count the water used in the spices when measuring your water count. If your ham weighs 4kg, you need to inject it with 1 litre of cure/brine. Basically, you need to pump the ham with a certain percentage of brine (usually around 25% of its weight as per your recipe). If needed: Fill the brine into a container from which you can easily fill the syringe. Score the skin on the leg of pork in a 1 inch diamond pattern. We'll help you start your own personal cookbook! Once it is tacky, score your ham in both directions. Pork leg cuts usually come from 15 to around 26 pounds. For a home-cured ham, it is recommended to do 120PPM. I followed the Bring TWO quarts of the water to a boil and then pour over the dry ingredients in the bucket. Family Reunions! Holiday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Let cool a few minutes but not to long or it will be to thick to inject. Mix the glaze ingredients together over low heat until mixed. It cannot be used again. The higher fat content, but the more tender cut would be the Butt Half.