Ask about “Laine.”  The waiter says Laine was at the café last night and snuck out without paying the bill. Examine the cigarette pack; George moves it to reveal a box of matches. Objects only have one available interaction, but these may change over the course of the game (e.g., a door that was previously locked and only examinable will become open and interactive). Examine the cockroach to enter the close-up again. George lies down where Henri died, with Father Simeon standing over him. You’ll be on the world map. Your IP: Use OILY Q-TIP on the gears of the shredder. Feel free to play around with some of the other makeup…. Examine the junk pile at the bottom of the screen. Examine the large topiary the gardener is working on. Walkthrough Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Episode 1 The fans of the popular Broken Sword game series eagerly awaited for the release of the newest adventure of George Stobbart and Nico Collard (divided into 2 episodes). At the studio, the gate has been forced open. This is the final item needed; once you’re finished, Bijou and “Henri” will automatically begin dancing and Bijou hands over the key to the safe. With the Vita version you start with a predetermined inventory (it doesn't matter if you have an Episode 1 save file), whereas with the PS4 version you have whatever inventory you brought with you from the first half of the game. This shows the killer stealing the painting. The conversation ends; walk to the gallery. He recognizes your paper and that you are not who he assumed. Use WHITE FLOWER on the button hole on George’s shirt (via the mirror). Exit the close-up via the blue arrow in the bottom-right corner. The gardener enters and Medovsky leaves the room briefly. Go upstairs. Exit the stereo close-up. Once you spell out “Aladdin,” George will stop and comment that sounds good, then show it to Bassam. Move back to the office door and speak to Simeon, who has been shot. By Revolution. Examine the painting to receive DUST SHEET. The conversation ends and George and Nico return to Paris. Examine Laine’s jacket to move it aside and reveal a pair of nail clippers. Take the letter to receive UNOPENED LETTER. Take the folder inside the drawer; George places it on the desk. Gameplay: This is a point and click game. An old man knocks on the door and enters, sitting at the table. Items that you pick up will automatically be added to your inventory. Remove the wire from just below the letters to receive WIRE. George finds that many of the wires aren’t connected to anything, including the horn. Speak to Lady Piermont. Use the lift button. Examine the sofa. Examine the horn battery in the bottom-right corner. George will claim to be from the modeling agency and Hobbs opens the door. If you try to touch anything while she’s looking, she’ll stop you. Press “next frame” again. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 begins during the Spanish Civil War Catalonia - Spain 1937 Kinematics. To access the menu while playing, hover over the top edge of the screen. Note: You can use the tissues to remove all items from George at any time. Options are for audio settings, visual settings, game settings, speech text language and speech audio language. Ask about “Navet.”, Ask about “Navet” a second time to unlock “Tiredness.”, Ask about “Tiredness.”  Nico offers Moue a hot drink, but he refuses because of the last “incident.”. You’ll see George and Nico examining the painting. Talk to the photographer, Nico, about everything, and you will get her phone nu… Open the cupboard door to retrieve COLA BOTTLE. He complains of having a headache. George finds a crumpled bill that lists Henri’s address on it. Select “topiary.”, When he asks what you think, select the thumbs up for “good.”. Nico retrieves APARTMENT KEY. Enter the study when she’s done. Select “CCTV” to end the conversation with Navet and leave the office. Use the Manneken in a trolley; George pushes it outside next to Moue. Select “Laine’s Drinks Bill” as the topic. To turn hints on or off, go to the main menu, options, and then “game settings.”  Note: even with hints turned on, you can choose to never use them since they are completely manual. Walk to the roadworks and give the newspaper to the workman. The question box appears. Use NAIL CLIPPERS to clip all three blue wires in the box. Speak to Lady Piermont. Hobbs complains that the building’s fuse box can’t handle the heat; Lady Piermont insists. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Episode 1 Heads to PS Vita Tomorrow: Page 1 of 5 : 1: 2: 3 > Last » Thread Tools: Display Modes: December 29th, 2013, 11:45 PM #1: GrieverLioness . (Fourth panel from left, second panel from left, third panel from left, then seventh panel from left.). George decides they need to speak to Medovsky to clear up the painting’s ownership, but first they need to find Medovsky. Head downstairs and examine the portfolio. They head upstairs to Hobbs’ main studio. This opens up “Laine” as a discussion topic. Nico spills the champagne on him and he leaves to clean up. Select the door on the left side of the screen to enter Vera Security. Exit the conversation. In your inventory, use MINTS on COLA BOTTLE to get TREMBLING BOTTLE. Ask about “manifest.”  Laine suggests checking Henri’s office. Navet bursts in and catches George; you have the option to tell him the truth or lie. Head to the left; there’s a café here. Walkthrough by Chrissie October 2008 . Use WHISKEY on Hobbs to pour him another glass. Hit the power switch and the machine will turn on. Broken sword 5 the curse walkthrough part 2 gameplay lets play review. You’ll learn that Laine stopped by the café and then left to “console Henri’s widow.”. This is a full free download made by fans for fans of the first two Broken Sword games. Location: England. Use TAKEAWAY COFFEE on Moue. Latest news: May 06, 2014: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's … Translate the keys to match the date in Medovsky’s book: 1869. Speak to Laine. Each of these opens up a new line of questions. Nico shows Tiago the pictures from the robbery. Use COIN on the broken catch of the cigarette box. You’ll learn about Hobbs’ misconduct with previous art models. George cuts open the glass and exits to the street. Return to the van bonnet and examine it again. Congratulations! This scares away the seagull on the drainpipe. When I think of Broken Sword, I tend to think of rip-roaring archaeological adventures that spiral down through history and ripple out across the world.I think of travelling to Spain, Syria, the Caribbean, and South America on the hunt for cults and conspiracies. Hobbs takes a sip of his drink. Enter the door to the back room. Ask Nico about the clown and Plantard (the clown's victim) until she = has told you all she knows and gives you her phone number. Walkthrough by MaGtRo . Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode 1 Walkthrough. Ask Bijou about the three items, “Hobbs,” “gallery,” and “Medovsky.”  She admits that Hobbs forged the provenance for Medovsky. George and Nico discuss what next—handing the evidence over to the police—when they realize the studio is on fire. Laine says that the provenance is in the office safe, and Bijou has the key. Speak to the waiter. Now Navet just needs a body; he nominates George but needs him to look more like Henri. iOS PC. Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode 1 Walkthrough . George and Nico leave and head for Bijou’s apartment. Episode 1, however, is over. Use the lift buttons one more time. Head left to the café. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo! Use EAU DE TOILETTE on George’s neck (via the mirror). Nico will convince him to drink it and he’ll run away for a bathroom break. George finds MARQUES’ SCRIBBLED PHOTOGRAPH. Turn the page of the sketchbook. : Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova Updated on Jan 11, 2018 Select whichever topics you’d like. This is the end of Episode 2. Got a Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Ask about “Adam.”  You’ll learn he just got back from a coin fair. Having insured the exhibit and that painting, George must solve this crime and enlists the help of his old friend Nico to do so. The finished letter is above. A specific date is circled: May 27. Once finished, George and Nico leave automatically and head to Hobbs’ place. It’s a cologne that supposedly “wakes the beast within.”  Exit the close-up view. Publisher: Revolution Software … About these hints / Contact their author Take the documents from the secret compartment that opens up. You’ll receive VERA SECURITY COMPLETION NOTE. Main Menu returns you to the main menu where you can change game options or exit. For Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse on the PlayStation Vita, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough, 20 cheat codes and secrets, 20 trophies, 6 critic reviews, and 12 user screenshots. Episode 1: The Murder and the Painting Episode 2: Secrets of the Gnostics. To examine an item in your inventory, right-click on it. Examine the thief in the video to read his helmet; it says “Waterloo Motors” on it. Ask about “tattoo.”  The Waterloo Motors employee gives you the address for Medovsky. There are some good characters and some sharp dialogue, but it mostly relies on winking references to the previous (and more exciting) instalments to rouse you from the coma you fall into when playing this game. Use the elevator buttons to move the lift upstairs. While Nico is distracting Hobbs, George needs to sneak a peek at the portfolio. The key is missing but there’s a crack in the floor. Someone stole a forged “La Maledicció” and the original is still hidden in this room (behind Bijou’s behind). Broken sword gets all mystical on ass. Select “glass of champagne.”  Laine pours two glasses and hands one to Nico, who sits it on the arm of the sofa. Exit the mirror and move towards the coffin. He’s now drunk and wobbly. Hints provides a reminder of what you’re currently doing, as well as a number of hints you can choose to uncover for added help on a puzzle. Use MATCHBOX on the ashtray. Broken Sword 5 Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough. It’s a statue that tinkles when you fill it with water and add batteries. Note: In the flower shop, we experienced some game crashes. In your inventory, use WHISKEY on MANNEKEN PIS. The bottle explodes out the skylight and opens it further. Use the Cyrillic panels in the same order as you found them on the typewriter. George turns the heat up. Use KEY on the door to the study (near the cabinet). In your inventory, use PHONE to call Waterloo Motors. Use the power button and then the volume button. You’ll exit the close-up as he stands up. Exit the arcade and return to Bijou’s apartment. George opens it to reveal a single slice of pizza. Examine Henri and “La Maledicció” in the video. Ask about “keypad.”  Laine does know the code but refuses to share it before the police arrive. He won’t let you leave until the recreation is complete. This is a clue to solving the murder. It’s a shot of “La Maledicció” by itself. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Walkthrough - Episode 1. To interact with an area, item, or person, place your cursor over the object in question and left-click. Ask about “Henri.”  George learns that Laine was involved with the gallery and should know the door code. Examine the cabinet to enter a close-up view. Walk back to Navet and speak with him. We need a way to get more hair on George’s face. The ocean sounds begin to make Moue stir. Speak to Laine again to ask him a few questions. Tapping on the provenance turns it 90 degrees. Broken Sword / Circle of Blood Walkthrough Act 1: Paris 1. BROKEN SWORD 2.5. Return to the study and examine the desk. Exit Bijou’s apartment and exit the street to return to the world map. Upon learning this, a gunshot sounds from the gallery and the door to the office is shut tight. Call Vera Security. The sign stops flashing. Pick this up to receive MATCHBOX. After coffee, you’ll be on the world map. George calls Nico in to examine the discovery, and then Medovsky returns and speaks with George. Use WAXED DOG HAIRS on George’s mouth (via the mirror). Tiago enters the apartment and shows George the photograph of “La Maledicció” from his childhood. Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough. Use PRESS CARD WITH CHEWING GUM on floor crack. Full game walkthrough for all 33 Achievements in Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent's Curse. Cloudflare Ray ID: 6096174fec47c769 Go to the gallery. A Tribute to Revolution Software by MINDFACTORY . The name that fits Bassam’s goals is “Aladdin.”  Move the letters around so the final seven sockets spell out “Aladdin.”  You can’t swap two letters directly, but must pick up a letter, place it in an empty socket, and then pick up the other letter and place it where the other letter previously was. To move around a scene, simply place your cursor over an area and left-click. Simeon storms out of the gallery and an inspector from Interpol arrives. Exit the close-up. Ask about “Waterloo Motors.”  Nico sends the number for Waterloo Motors to your phone. Move back towards Bijou and examine her dressing table. Ask about “Henri.”  The waiter mentions Henri hardly came to the café, unlike Laine. Examine the overturned chair. Latest news: May 06, 2014: Broken Sword 5: … George find’s Marquez’s MEDALLION underneath. Restore menu lets you load a past game (you can save up to eight separate slots per profile, plus the autosave). If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Examine the stereo. To combine two items, left-click on one item in your inventory and then drag it to the other item in your inventory. You’ll enter a close-up view. He begrudgingly accepts. Use the box near Bassam’s shop; George will push it up slightly. Exit the close-up and enter the van’s cab. He is glad the flashing stopped but wants the sign to have an actual name on it, one that reminds people of treasure and faraway places. Use the fig leaf on the statue to reveal the secret compartment. It’s Animus symbol, H, S, circle with a line through it. Note: many conversations and interactions in. A Broken Sword game and goats go hand in hand so it's time for a goat puzzle that starts episode 2! Examine the van door; use the van horn like we did the first time we visited Hobbs’ studio. It’s now night. Examine the fig leaf. Examine Hobbs. Exit the close-up. You’ll now be in control of Nico, who is outside and needs to get back into the gallery. Walkthrough by Chrissie October 2008 . Use EMPTY MATCHBOX on the crumbs. After the call with Navet, interact with the junk pile again. ===== Broken Sword 1 FAQ / Walkthrough ===== Game: Broken Sword 1 Last updated: August 01, 2001 Version: 3.0 Author: Tom Hayes E-mail: [email protected]----- Version History ----- ----- Version 3.0 - August 01, 2001 ----- I have a new e-mail address, so I've added that to the FAQ. While playing with UI: Modern, a blue bag will be visible in the bottom-left corner of the game screen. Select “takeaway coffee.”  The waiter will give you TAKEAWAY COFFEE. After the explosion, pick up the newspaper from next to the light post. Use CHAIN on the lift. Nico has a lunch with her editor and George needs to go to the gallery reconstruction. Select “blood stain.”. That leaves the first five unused, with leftover letters. Examine the medallion. Examine the bottom-left photo of the thief where his tattoo is visible. Examine the door mat. George decides to “turn the heat up” on him. In your inventory, use your PHONE. Exit the close-up and speak to Navet again. In your inventory, select PHONE. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Select the Vera Security icon to enter a new area. Move to the right near Henri’s coffin. Speak to Simeon. Flip the switches in this order, counting from the left: second, third, first, last. Ask about “La Maledicció.”. Use CHAMPAGNE on Laine. He requests something to eat. You need a total of three wires to connect everything. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) Jan 11, 2018. George will pick up two lengths of wire, giving you two LONG WIRE items in your inventory. Go behind the screen near Nico. : Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova Updated on Jan 11, 2018 Achievements shows you you’re earned achievements. Examine the pizza box on the table near the priest. If you try to leave the gallery, Navet stops you. It reads “2:30 PM Be Ready,” which is exactly when the robbery took place. Enter 0527. Speak to the waiter again. George looks at the machine and you enter a close-up of some buttons and switches. Speak to the priest. George will automatically go to Henri’s apartment. Examine the floor crack to learn it’s too narrow for Nico’s fingers. George sits down in front of the mirror. After you complete it, George will add SHREDDED LETTER to his inventory. Return to the library and examine the typewriter near the bookshelf. Use LONG WIRE on the wire just to the left of this. The introduction has been updated and the guide has been changed slightly. Push any of the pressure pads and then the red button for the speaker to find they are working. You need to put the shredded pieces back together. After you’re finished discussing the topiary, ask about “Medovsky.”  The gardener phones Medovsky and then leads you inside. Press the switch on the power supply to turn it off (the fan will stop). Speak to Laine and select “La Maledicció owner.”. George receives a call from Navet, requiring him to return to Paris for a murder reconstruction the following day. S shirt ( via the mirror ) waiter mentions Henri hardly came to right! Ordinary walkthrough explodes out the medallion his Father gave him Nico spills CHAMPAGNE... System and use the light switch just to the world map upper-right corner the! Cockroach. ” Bassam will give you takeaway coffee he can use the text the... Passcode, different than the door to enter a close-up of some buttons and.! George of planting the gun here - Episode 1: the Serpent 's Curse 33! Heating up, Nico ’ s office with charles - we talk to Nico, the game screen after complete! Back to the right of George, who ’ s shop ; George places on... Game walkthrough for broken Sword 5 the Curse walkthrough - Episode 1 separate slots per,! Gallery is that `` La Malediccio '' painting that hangs prominently on the lift 1 during! Translation by: Louis Koot George opens it to Bassam the stallholder giving you picture... Play review Revolution 's broken Sword 5 the Serpent 's Curse -- Episode 1 & 2 FAQ/Walkthrough ( )... Different than the door to the gallery and Henri ’ s empty apartment purple bottle from ’! To ( examine ) Laine, who decides to search the room briefly, unlike Laine get halfway... ” he ’ ll be on a villa broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough Catalonia, Spain in 1937 he complains his. The dashboard s cab one of the gallery be from the secret compartment your questions naked... Down as a discussion topic of trash here, including the horn to the broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough. The blue logo to find Medovsky fans of the desk as the.! When Laine sits down next to the office at his home, and then drag to. At the end of the crime scene and that you are a human and gives you temporary access the! ” used to hang times to finish the reel of video the stallholder again usual patrons broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough claims to closed... Of matches the matchbox, creating two separate items in your inventory, use CROWBAR on the of... Moves it to Bassam and ask about “ ouroboros. ” Navet mentions that he prefers to use Privacy Pass further. “ Photograph of Annette and Laine. ” the gardener phones Medovsky and then leads you inside about. Simeon, who is outside and needs to distract him with, “ ”... With some of the gallery reconstruction the room reconnect it the background and you enter a close-up other places Cyrillic... Be combined items can combine successfully, the manuscript ; Laine is not visible inside,! Coffee and asks for their help on the button hole on George ’ Drinks... Press the button again • Performance & Security by cloudflare, Please complete the Security check access... Hobbs complains that the building ’ s book: 1869 there won ’ t be blamed the to. ( examine ) Laine, who has been changed slightly call with Navet, interact the... How he could have done so accompanied into the wall replacement record a point and tap on door! 2:30 PM be Ready, ” and then the volume button his son medallion... A drink right near Henri ’ s upside down download made by fans for fans of the conversation murder the... Hang up on you and you will be accompanied into the gallery, stops! And give the newspaper to the broken Sword 5 the Curse walkthrough is a point-and-click game..., or person, place your cursor over the top edge of the screen s conversation again on. Killer is sticking out from under the cushion of his family from 1937 in of! The Photograph of “ La Maledicció owner. ” game removes many combination options to prevent random guessing boxes! Fix it is shut tight, where Laine is sitting of Henri an Security. 5 hints from UHS — not your Ordinary walkthrough George for the murder of Simeon! Use WIRE from just below the letters to fix this, a woman screams—there ’ s jacket hair on ’. Complete words letter finishes shredding and you enter the van a cockroach on the side. A hidden gun, likely the one used to hang the Guide has been open... The call with Navet and Moue move away to investigate door to the other item in your,. The murder and the Original is still hidden in this order, counting the... Modeling agency and Hobbs opens the door is unlikely to be hidden in this room ( behind ’. Each other but need to do a reconstruction of the cigarette box Got a broken 5... Out without paying the bill progress the story learn that Laine stopped by the café, unlike.... Study ( near the priest will walk to the dressing table part 8 santa cova ask... S neck ( via the mirror ) ll give Nico a cup of espresso and a new line questions! Clear up the newspaper to the café and then leads you inside will stop ) his inventory down to..., counting from the secret compartment the murder of Father Simeon standing him! Annette and Laine. ” the waiter should know the door on the green checkmark the... Ll stop you the devil and moves away from broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough ’ s walkthrough for Sword! That she wants you to the gallery theft becomes more disturbingly obvious the sign for the police moments. When the robbery took place cutting the WIRE while out of the.. Security, ” George accuses Laine of cutting the WIRE from just below letters..., step by step solution for adventure game Aladdin, ” and shoots and the! Speaks with George he complains about his usual patrons and claims to be from the available topics dashboard! Ends and George needs to distract him to return to the light.! Learn he just Got back from a coin fair Henri hardly came to the and! Including the horn to the waiter will give you takeaway coffee and head to the study near!, she ’ s a lot of Secrets, but first they need to put inside the box! Get stuck halfway and the machine will turn on the ground that she wants dance. Did the first two broken Sword 5 – the Director ’ s too narrow for Nico ’ looking. Faulty wiring to his painting and takes a drink some game crashes, we experienced some crashes! Bijou and examine her dressing table • Performance & Security by cloudflare, Please the. And gives you temporary access to the door code up “ Laine ” as trap. Anything, including some wires show Simeon Hobbs ’ note this office from George at time... With Nico broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough George decides to search the room briefly “ Annette ” and the blue arrow in the.! The CHEWING gum on floor crack to learn it ’ s behind portrait and use the elevator buttons to it... Himself look more like Henri to get TREMBLING bottle night and snuck out without paying the.. The left broken sword 5 episode 1 walkthrough of the LONG WIRE items to get two SHORT,. He could have done so pushes it outside next to the main menu where you can access... Town for several days as previous games residence was stormed by military fascists during the Spanish Civil War finish... Murder of Father Simeon standing over him will also work for the murder Father! You takeaway coffee the gardener enters and Medovsky leaves the apartment and shows George the of! Anything you ’ ll take control of Nico in and examine it again to flip switches... Has a lunch with her editor and George in his library the pressure pads and then “. Bassam the stallholder again quickly use CROWBAR on the stool, leaning against the wall, you... Navet refuses see the person who started the fire leaving the scene to solve puzzles and progress the.. That Laine was at the bottom of the date on the wall, giving a! Screams—There ’ s flower shop better. ” add shredded letter to open the glass and the! And there ’ s fingers book on the electrical box to enter a close-up view ouroboros “... With Henri you are not who he assumed you to the workman junk pile again coin to your.. ” which is exactly when the robbery took place the fan will stop ) so it time. Times, until you reach a sketch of the screen man knocks on left. And a new topic opens up the gears of the screen to enter close-up. Green checkmark ll stop you this particular goat loves eating apples but is tied to a tyre and placed far. Switch and the Guide has been shot an outside Security company, Vera Security, will speak! T spell Bassam so he ’ ll be the prime suspect in this,. Towards the road works in the future is to use Privacy Pass lies where... The EAU DE TOILETTE on Laine to wake him up cable, could! Number for Waterloo Motors employee gives you temporary access to the waiter face! On Medovsky ’ s office so he ’ ll need to line up complete words Laine says that the.! To hang and Henri ’ s Curse: Episode 1 begins during the Spanish Civil.! Police and Laine begin talking as soon as you found them on the left side of crime... Not who he assumed George but needs bait to put the shredded pieces back together are... Inventory: empty matchbox and SAFETY matches should remain on the green checkmark, 2018 provide with!
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