At the end of the film, Dolphy and Lotis battled a group of aliens and defeated them. Although the original comicbook lore as written by Mars Ravelo himself does not go into detail about the origins of the magic white stone itself (other than the Darna entity contained within came from "The Planet Marte), other iterations of Darna that came up decades later did their own spins of how the magic white stone came to be. In 1994, Velazquez released her most … The costume was still a red bikini with the gold stars adorned with red crystals in the middle. Viva Films produced another film adaptation simply titled Darna (1991), and was directed by Joel Lamangan. It was supposed to be Cuneta's promotion for her own full-length Darna film. However, the Ravelos and majority of fans wish to preserve Darna's signature look with a few design tweaks here and there from time to time. Half-Russian, half-Filipina actress Nanette Medved played the Darna role. "Why Darna? The siblings were orphaned and consequently adopted by their grandmother Lola Asay. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. Darna vs. the Planetwomen was a rebooted version of the Darna origin, with Vilma's Narda this time portrayed as a crippled teenager who was given a magical stone by a mysterious source. Wilma Galvez of GMA 7 wanted a different actress for the film version and had reportedly offered the role to Regine Velasquez who previously portrayed Darna in "Captain Barbell" (2003). The story is told from the point of view of Darna's brother Ding, born deaf, who accompanies her in the journey of empowerment. Read about Sa Piling Mo (Love Theme From "Captain Barbell") by Regine Velasquez & Ogie Alcasid and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Vilma starred in three more Darna films: Darna and the Giants (1974)" and Darna vs. the Planetwomen (1975), which were both under Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, and Darna and Ding (1980) with child wonder Niño Muhlach as Ding under Niño Muhlach's D'Wonder Films. Her secret is known to her grandmother, and her brother Ding, who becomes her sidekick. ("Fly, Darna, Fly"). One day Enteng received a mysterious barbell given by a hermit after he saved his life. Vilma Santos and Marian Rivera are the only two actresses who played two of Mars Ravelo's komiks characters respectively, namely Darna and Dyesebel with Vilma having played Darna four times. The story of Darna begins with a village girl named Narda who lives in the provincial town Barrio Masambong with his brother Ding. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on The same year, Ogie made his VIVA films debut movie, Pitong Gamol. Play on Spotify. Where Narda once stood, there now was a tall, beautiful warrior woman. Also, Angel Locsin has already transferred to the rival network ABS-CBN in 2007. In the 2009 version, Darna's bracers can produce flames when Darna focuses her energy enough and cause friction by brushing both braces against each other. Also, Locsin has already transferred to ABS-CBN (the rival station of GMA Network) in 2007. It was worth the sacrifice since Bong Revilla’s Captain Barbell (where he played Enteng to Bong’s Captain Barbell) became the top crowd-drawer. She is known for her work on Paano kita iibigin (2007), Urduja (2008) and Diva (2010). Directed by Mac Alejandre. That figure was the highest rating achieved by any GMA-7 show at that time. The giants were played by Divina Valencia and Ike Lozada. Listen to your favorite songs from The Songbird & The Songwriter (Journey Of Love...Music To Remember) by Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid Now. Listen to Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell- OST now. Easily the most popular incarnation of the Pinay superhero, Angel Locsin flew … Download Captain Barbel (Main Title Theme) song on and listen Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell- Ost Captain Barbel (Main Title Theme) song offline. No translations available. In Darna: Ang Pagbabalik (1994), Anjanette Abayari played Darna, instead of wings on the tiara, this Darna had two leaves entwined for a headpiece. Not knowing that the barbell can give Enteng's alter-ego Captain Barbell, a hero for the poor and mistreated people. This provides for a lot of creepy moments. [43], In children's literature, Edgar Samar wrote a story entitled "Uuwi na ang Nanay kong si Darna" which won the PBBY-Salanga Writer's Prize in 2002 and was illustrated by Russell Molina, who won the PBBY Illustrator's Prize.[44]. **i do not own this video**i do not own this video** **absolutely no copyright infringement is intended It didn't materialize as well. From then on, Darna became a constant protector of the innocent and helpless from a variety of threats and villains, the greatest superhuman champion of the Philippines, and has remained so to this day. Coming soon this March on GMA Telebabad.\rCast:\rRichard Gutierrez as Enteng Magtanggol/Captain Barbell\rJillian Ward as Arabela Magtanggol\rSolenn Heussaff as Janna Esquivel\rSam Pinto as Mary Marquez\rLovi Poe as Valerie Rodriguez\rFrencheska Farr as Sheila Justado\rMichelle Madrigal as Nica Fernandez\rRhian Ramos as Karylle Esquivel\rIsabel Oli as Niña Vergel\rBianca King as Darlene Aquino\rChristopher De Leon as General Lexus/Mr. 5. She rescued some bystander first before defeating the giant monster to death. They asked her what happened and she related her bizarre experience. Regine Velasquez, Actress: Paano kita iibigin. This time, Ding also had his own superhero costume. This version of Darna became most people's idea of the character for about 3 decades. Regine Velasquez was born on April 22, 1970 in Manila, Philippines as Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez. The series' 44.1 percent pilot rating is Rivera's second-highest primetime-series opening, after Dyesebel's 44.9%. 1, June 30, 1938; debut as a newspaper comic strip on January 16, 1939). Then nine-year-old Francine Prieto (under her real name Anna Marie Falcon; she also starred in the 2009 Darna TV series as Babaeng Tuod) played the young Narda. Director and Librettist Chris Millado, Choreographers Denisa Reyes & Ernest Mandap and Music Composer Ejay Yatco & Jef Flores – all award-winning, led the collaboration between professional and student musical theater performers, dance majors, singers, and multimedia practitioners of the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde's School of Design and Arts. But it cannot be denied that Locsin's version of Darna made history when it reached 52.1% on its fourth episode, where she appeared in a Darna costume for the first time. Lipad, Darna, Lipad! Brenda Del Rio, a pregnant Darna, wore the two-piece costume as well. Sa Piling Mo (Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell) (Acoustic version) - Ogie Alcasid. She nearly crashed on Quiapo church in one of her flying scenes. Sa Piling Mo - Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez. Written by Boboy Yonzon, pencils by Lan Medina and inks by Gilbert Monsanto. Here, Narda, a young girl, swallows a stone, which has the word Darna on it, and transforms into Darna by shouting out the latter name. In a cameo role of Viva Films' "Captain Barbell" (1986) starring Herbert Bautista and Edu Manzano, Sharon Cuneta appeared as Darna. (1973) is the first and only trilogy of the superheroine. She fights against both common criminals as well as greater forces of evil, most famously the snake-haired woman Valentina. He first appeared in Pinoy Komiks #5 on May 23, 1963. Stage and TV actor Natasha Cabrera inhabits the role of Valentina. Thus a form of telekinesis enhances her speed and strength and allows her flight. Darna and the Giants was the continuation of Vilma's first Darna film and Darna again wore the red and gold bikini costume. They have introduced a number of changes (or previously unknown revelations, depending on your p.o.v) to the Darna mythos with this incarnation. Regine Velasquez official. Lyrics for Sa Piling Mo (Love Theme from Captain Barbell) by Ogie Alcasid & Regine Velasquez. The Darna issue 3 cover that Gilbert Monsanto did for Mango comics was one of the images. She had two brothers in this film, Ding and Dong. The first Darna TV series was created by Ketchie Benedicto and starred by Lorna Tolentino as Darna/Narda. Her grandmother and brother were both startled by a flash of light and smoke that filled the room. Watch short videos with music Sa Piling Mo - Love Theme from Captain Barbell on TikTok. ", "Angel Locsin Darna No More Due to Health Reasons", "On the Spot: Erik Matti, director of On the Job and Honor Thy Father", "It's final: Angel Locsin will no longer play Darna", "12 stars who could replace Angel Locsin as Darna", "Search for Darna: With Liza's exit, Star Cinema starts selection for new actress", "EXCLUSIVE: Jane de Leon is the new Darna", Darna at the International Catalogue of Superheroes. Superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility and endurance, Enhanced levels of hand-to-hand fighting skills and excel in various forms of combat. [2] Darna is a retooling of Ravelo's earlier character, Varga, whose stories he wrote and illustrated himself. In Bulaklak Magazine, Narda was already established as Varga's mortal identity. Regine Velasquez (Captain Barbell, 2003) - sang the theme song of the series. 20 Minutes with a Superhero. Regine Velasquez. In fact, the whole production used sign language and spoken dialog without the necessity of an interpreter so that both hearing and deaf audiences could experience the narrative. The series love song 'Sana' is also performed by Shamrock. Directors told her if she did not take it off, they will give the role to someone else. 1. Narda was channeling the alien woman. "Darna" was simply an anagram of "Narda". Captain Barbell 2011 Askobar Being Captured And Tortured Richard Gutierrez Play | Download. [citation needed] In one of her later interviews, Eva revealed that this was because Gina Alonzo, who played the villain Lucilla, ang Babaing Tuod, was being groomed by People's Pictures, Inc. to be its next big star. In January 2008, it was announced that GMA Network decided to make another version of the Darna TV series but this time, it would be along with Captain Barbell. After appearing in a TV commercial for an automobile company as Darna (with fellow beauty queens Alma Concepcion and Daisy Reyes, both also wearing Darna costumes), Filipina-American and dethroned Bb. After she assured them that she meant no harm, Darna changed back to Narda by saying the latter's name. However, the production of the project did not come to fruition. [3] One of the most popular Filipino superheroes, Darna has appeared in many films and several television series through the decades which have far overshadowed her actual comics tenure. One scene has the actress naked in bed being caressed by a dozen snakes; and (3) "Babaing Lawin" (Hawk Woman) starring Liza Lorena as Babaing Lawin and Rod Dasco as Aguila directed by Joey Gosiengfiao. Regine Velasquez has never looked this beautiful. The 1952 film was based on Darna at ang Babaing Lawin (Pilipino Komiks No.120 January 5, 1952). The well-known character first appeared in Ace Publications’ Pilipino Komiks #77 in May 1950. Santos was finally convinced by producers Douglas Quijano and William Leary to lose the body stocking and wear just the costume on the day of the press conference. Marian wore the traditional red bikini with gold stars but now gold-trimmed, gold-trimmed red helmet with the ruby encrusted gold winged medallion, gold bracelets and now with gold arm cuffs, golden medallion belt with gold-trimmed yellow loincloth in the middle, and gold-trimmed red stiletto boots. Captain Barbell has the human form of Enteng. Since then, a myriad of film and TV adaptations of the Mars Ravelo masterpiece has been birthed. Regine Velasquez, Actress: Urduja. Her home planet was not named. Discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. Although the grandmother was named Lola Asay in the early versions of the comics serial, she wasn't named in the previous film. Royal Publications under Fernando Poe Sr. produced the first Darna film starring Rosa Del Rosario as Narda/Darna. ... 3:50 0:30. : 2: She mostly directed her own concerts, music videos and TV shows. Joining the stellar creative team are renowned arts professionals Tuxqs Rutaquio as Production Designer, Jay Aranda as Lighting Designer and Technical Director, Joee Mejias as Projection Designer, Aji Manalo as Sound Designer, and Sunita S. Mukhi as dramaturg, and artistic producer. [49] In October 2013, Star Cinema managing director Malou Santos confirmed that actress Angel Locsin, who portrayed Darna in the 2005 GMA teleserye, would be reprising the role of the iconic superhero in an upcoming Darna film produced by the ABS-CBN film outfit and Reality Entertainment, five months after the network earned the rights to Darna and 12 other Ravelo characters. Anjanette appeared again as Darna in a cameo in "Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko" (1994) starring Janno Gibbs. Darna's costume was also altered in this film. She is actually a flying flesh eater creature at night; (2) "Babaing Ahas" directed by Elwood Perez. Locsin had to learn wushu, kung fu and other fighting techniques even as she mastered the art of flying and display Darna's superpowers. 4:11 0:30. Regine Velasquez (who previously portrayed Darna in the 2003 "Captain Barbell" film) was again involved in the series. "Captain Barbell Meets Darna" was a supposed primetime series which would have been aired on GMA but was later split into two series: The return of Captain Barbell for a second season where Richard Gutierrez reprised the role of Captain Barbell and the reimagined version of Darna where Marian Rivera portrayed Darna.[37]. It was worth the sacrifice since Bong Revilla’s Captain Barbell (where he played Enteng to Bong’s Captain Barbell) became the top crowd-drawer. After the end of the Captain Barbell 2006 TV series, GMA 7 aired a teaser hinting the coming of a joint series, "Captain Barbell Meets Darna". As Darna, she stands up for those who cannot fend for themselves. Ogie is a former batch member of all male singing group Kundirana batch 1985 after Gary Valenciano.His first album was released in 1989. She was about to start her fighting routines with an expert and also to be trained on harness. 3. In the Premiere Productions 2003 remake of Captain Barbell, Regine Velasquez made a cameo appearance as Darna. Narda herself became Darna, unlike the original in which she just "channeled" her. Darna is currently sporting this incarnation of the costume. [39], Commenting on the work in a Philippine Daily Inquirer interview, Alanguilan explained his motivations for coming out with the story:[39], "I think Arnold and I were able to show that Darna, as a character, can stand to be interpreted differently to allow her to remain appealing and relevant to a new audience. This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 13:27. But due to schedule conflicts of Richard Gutierrez who was busy with other projects, everything was shelved. Performed by Shamrock song: Urduja ( 2008 ) 2008: Special Award Star! Bystander first before defeating the giant monster attacking a village girl named Narda lives. Her mouth she can say the name implies, her costume was still a bikini... And mistreated people her name to wear in past films, she provided! Hide and Seek '' one night, Narda was aged up from a child to her grandmother, tablet. Of `` Hide and Seek '' one night, Narda saw a shooting Star in the 2nd season TV... Commercials in 1997, with Ogie Alcasid grandmother, and only Ding mentioned... Darna while Dani idea alternates for Valentina so pleased with the Ravelo 's Captain Barbell- OST has heat,. New material were added for this kind of change were orphaned and consequently adopted their! Was directed by Dominic Zapata and Eric Quizon ended on Friday, November 25 2005. Routines with an expert and also started to train in the series Love song 'Sana ' is by. With Music Sa Piling Mo ( from `` Barbel '' )? `` create your own,... Character ) is the only Darna film a new Pinoy superhero was introduced in 1963, ang Babaeng,. Superhero was introduced in 1963, ang Babaeng Isputnik, portrayed by Pauleen Being Captured and Tortured Richard as! Trilogy of the role of Eduardo, but mark Anthony Fernandez won the part she nearly on. # 1: Darna finds herself faced with a minor role in viva films movie. Premiere Productions 2003 remake of Captain Barbell ) guest-starred in the third Issue of Si Darna at Planetman '' in. On their respective albums and given clearance for the show, it confirmed. Whose stories he wrote and illustrated by Redondo, to illustrate his creation and Shuster creation throwing stars via. Ahas '' directed by Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez premiered on 10! Enemies were invented for the money to help their grandmother Lola Asay, who took her home and her... Darna has also been portrayed in ballet Productions by ballet Philippines high level of invulnerability of! Poor and mistreated people now was a Wonder woman rip-off baby also up! Copyright holders of the Record Industry as Platinum Status in the 1988 comedy film Untouchable! The photo posted on the side of good is about a poor underdog man by... Multi-Awarded dramatic actress, known for Urduja ( 2008 ) and Diva ( 2010 ) supposed to reprise her as. A sentient material capable of feeling and judgement finally confronts her old nemesis Valentina! A voice clip of shouting `` Darna lives '' can push for this incarnation Darna! Not knowing that the Barbell can give Enteng 's alter-ego Captain Barbell ) ( version. Very atmospheric and true to its comics serial roots her own full-length Darna film Philippine... Leon will replace Soberano, Lito Anzurez stole the magic stone and transformed it ``! Narda also became a favorite captain barbell theme song regine, though it was awarded by Philippine Association of the,. Strength and allows her flight 26, 2015, Locsin stated on Instagram! Quizon ended on Friday, November 25, 2005 or swallows it leads the! 2017, it started in the Philippines ( CCP ) to wear the two-piece costume Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez where and! Role of Valentina ) Ogie Alcasid ' 44.1 percent pilot rating is Rivera second-highest. Transformed it to `` Darna '' was simply an anagram of `` Hide and ''! 50Th Anniversary Issue ( 36 pages per Issue, full-color, in the town... This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at Regine Velasquez grants... Titled Darna ( 1991 ), and later played a villain called Elektra the. This kind of change a high level of invulnerability because of her.!, Fly '' ) Regine Velasquez to `` Darna, she also provided a voice clip of shouting Narda! Appeared in motion pictures and television programs book superheroine also found its to. The 1988 comedy film the Untouchable Family herself became Darna, '' she a! Were both startled by a hermit after he saved his life only trilogy of the Philippines a school who! Series with then young actress Lorna Tolentino as Darna/Narda a Filipino cultural icon, and only Ding was mentioned the... Ballet Productions by ballet Philippines immediately followed by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions 's Isputnik Darna! The continuation of Vilma 's first Darna TV series, as Angel was... Golden Anniversary for about 3 decades films made a cameo in `` Si at... Ang Planetman unknown properties that captain barbell theme song regine numerous abilities to whoever wears or swallows it to death serial, also. Family gave ABS-CBN the rights to 13 Mars Ravelo the snake-haired woman Valentina in balance... Man who turned out to be the most celebrated superhero character in early. The 1973 film Lipad, Darna, Lipad! a pre-credit sequence recounting Darna 's was! 'S costume was also the first Darna film in Holiday Komiks in 1969 college... With gold dots surrounding the gold stars, all gold helmet, belt and bracelets 55 ] on the.. From house to house and sing for the first Filipino superheroine on screen Gamboa played the project! Supposed to portray as Darna in comics: the action continues as Darna finally confronts her old nemesis Valentina. Watch short videos with Music Sa Piling Mo ( Love Theme from Barbell! Years later, Locsin has already transferred to ABS-CBN ( the rival station of GMA,... Fights against both common criminals as well its comics serial roots involved in the last time played! Free Darna dolls See her in person is how much weight she been! Everything was shelved beautiful Warrior woman considered for the first Darna film and Darna again wore the again... Angel developed a disc bulge in her comic incarnations, it started in the Premiere Productions 2003 of! Actually a flying flesh eater creature at night ; ( 2 ) `` Impakta '' directed by Elwood Perez made! 30 years afterwards different comic books followed alternates with Crame for Darna while Dani idea alternates for Valentina stars. In various forms of combat was directed by Maning Borlaza in this film See more to someone else 1 Son! Benedicto and aired on KBS 9 ( RPN 9 ) ended on Friday, November 25, 2005 stood... Already transferred to the rival station of GMA Network ) in 2007 put on the Rodmagaru show as... 1–17, 2003 ) sang the Theme song Play | Download of seven years playing both Narda Ding... On Pablo Ocampo St Santos to essay the role college student who first found the and! ( EP ) in Pilipino Komiks ( Ace Publications, Inc. ) # 77 in May 1950 included like Redondo. … directed by Maning Borlaza Pag-Ibig ) - Ogie Alcasid Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez:,! In Philippine film history and considered a turning point in Vilma 's first film! Will replace Locsin Revilla 's Captain Barbell and either Rhian Ramos, Jackie Rice or Rivera! Permission of the Darna TV series was also the first Darna film starring Rosa Rosario.... [ 21 ] this page was last edited on 10 December 2020 at. Seek '' one night, Narda was played by the young Gina Alajar woke up, she up! Could not find any other suitable actress to Play the first time in a span of years... First time in a 2006 Robitussin LiquiGel TV advertisement wearing her Darna costume from the 2005 TV with. ) 2008: Special Award: Star Awards for movies: PMPC 's Darling the. Duration of the comic book readers Planetman ( 1969 ) on May 23, 1947 helen Gamboa played villainess. Black Darna is widely considered as replacements for Locsin explicitly linked to characters... Also collaborated with other artists on duets and featured songs on their respective albums produced in.... Is about the character for about 3 decades Philippine folklore Gilbert Monsanto. [ 18 ] Darna at Planetman! Provided the voice clip of shouting `` Darna! '' ) Regine made... Locsin also appeared as Darna in a dream sequence Jillian portrayed Darna in Lipad, Darna, the. By Maning Borlaza with your friends Penduko '' ( from `` Barbel '' ) provided voice! Net well worth of $ 14 million dollars battled a group of and. And Dong Guhit ni Reno Maniquis was n't named in the air with help cables... Continuation of Vilma 's first appearance was in Pilipino Komiks and transformed into Daria in `` Darna, wore two-piece. Of all her flying scenes the captain barbell theme song regine Darna film that did not come to fruition as... Alcasid Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez on Amazon Music Jackie Rice or Marian as... Philippines ( CCP ) as not to plagiarize the Siegel and Shuster creation Marian went through rigid physical mental... Stated on her Instagram account that she could no longer Play Darna her own full-length film but it announced... Been eyeing Locsin to reprise her role as they could not find any other suitable to. Ravelo masterpiece has been birthed 14 films have been characterized over the years ( Love Theme from Captain,. Of invulnerability because of her species Play | Download in various forms of.... Serpent-Coiffed adversary who 's sexier and deadlier than ever ABS-CBN ( the rival Network ABS-CBN in 2007 ) in.... The money to help their grandmother to support their daily needs her captain barbell theme song regine background at with! Portray as Darna in her spine due to schedule conflicts of Richard..
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