The nutty peanut flavor lends itself beautifully to the creamy sweet kidney beans and served over some rice, this hearty vegan stew surely makes for a nutritious meal perfect for weeknights. Easy to make with a simple ingredient list. sooooo freaking good ReplyCancel, SO good!! Season with salt and pepper to taste. The only thing I would do different is ‘brown’ the potatoes a bit more before adding the broth. Feb 23, 2020 - Explore Eleanorhunt's board "Sweet Potato, Ginger, Coconut Milk Stew" on Pinterest. Pre cooked lentils would work fine.ReplyCancel, The recipe calls for full fat coconut milk. It was perfect just as written and will be a new regular in my rotation.ReplyCancel, I made this tonight and it was delicious. Maybe I am missing to english but I really don’t understand this one. Would that be enough?ReplyCancel, Hi Laura, Thank you for the recipe!ReplyCancel, Wow Laura! Makes 6 servings i imainge it would be even better if i had all the toppings and my own veggie broth, but the jarred stuff worked well enough. I just made this tonight and my husband and I loved it! Wondering what you would recommend for a crock pot? This sounds perfect for a winter day, thanks so much!ReplyCancel, It looks heavenly!! Made it tonight. What’s not to love about this sweet potato stew recipe from The First Mess? Only asking as I have some spinach on hand that i need too use up but can easily use kale too if the flavor is a better complement…ReplyCancel, Hi Allison! It turned out delicious! In a heavy-bottomed pot, heat oil until shimmering. !ReplyCancel, Another FABULOUS meal from you, Laura! 10 Products You Didn’t Know Contain Animal Ingredients, Deck the Halls With These 30 Vegan Main Dishes for Christmas, How to Choose a Ripe Winter Squash (and Avoid the Bad Ones in the Bunch! I’ve been in a cooking funk and this was just what I needed. -LReplyCancel, This was really really really (really) delicious. -LReplyCancel, I was looking forward to making this as soon as it was posted, as I knew I had all the ingredients at home (including the diaspora chilli and turmeric ) and it looked TASTY and also EASY. Chickpea Stew with Kale and Sweet Potatoes is a delicious vegan stew to enjoy all winter long. They will make the finished stew thicker and creamier. Just confused how to achieve your bright yellow and creamy broth. Not sure if you are aware.ReplyCancel, Hi Kim, Mix well. The sight of a fresh snowfall is, yes, beautiful, but also? Everything is mouthwatering and inspiring.ReplyCancel, Would this recipe work with black lentils?ReplyCancel, Yes it would! You can still add them at the same point that I do in the recipe or later towards the end of the simmering time if you want. Anther great recipe from this site!!! I love making it with homemade vegetable stock, but it’s not necessary. The stew skews towards spicy and rich; so a light, fresh, and peppery salad would be an ideal pairing I think. freshly ground ground black pepper, plus more to taste. And butternut squash instead of sweet potatoe? Hi My email is [email protected] You can follow the recipe as it is written. if necessary. I made it exactly as-is, and it was the perfect, comforting meal after a long week of pandemic news. My Jamaican Pigeon Peas Stew , Vegan Jackfruit Stew, Ital Stew Recipe are other Jamaican inspired vegan stews that taste amazing served with a slice of Vegan Gluten-Free Cornbread . Them just stir in and wilt the kale at the end. Thank you for such a wonderful family dinner. Spices are perfect.ReplyCancel, I have about half a can of coconut milk leftover from another recipe. Made this today with some locally grown white sweet potatoes– didn’t get that gorgeous color (still pretty but not that sunset color)– but got all the flavor. Thanks!ReplyCancel, Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing these excellent recipes with us Laura!ReplyCancel, I made this a couple nights ago and had for some lunches this week. Allow this to soften for 3-4 minutes while mincing the garlic & chilli and gathering the spices (which are essential for a good curry). Thank you so much.ReplyCancel, Made this last night. The flavors are delicious. Sometimes when my vegetable stock concentrates a bit, I will make up the deficit with extra water and it’s still delicious. Can I ask what is the bread you have served it with?ReplyCancel, Hi Kate, Thank you so much for this recipeReplyCancel, hi Laura, long time fan of your site–and love so many of your plant-based recipes. Love the flavors!ReplyCancel, I made this today in the slow cooker, it was delicious! Add the sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and string beans. ;) Will be checking out your other recipes.Thanks!ReplyCancel, Hi! Add the coconut milk and kale to the pot and stir. All that - plus it’s easy enough to make after a hard day at work. Look at your new website! We use lots of chili and ginger in this stew, along with a bunch of other spices. I didn’t peel the sweet potatoes. I used quite a bit of chopped ginger and also added some celery and half an apple to the onions. As a family we are trying to eat healthier and eat more vegetarian so happy to get yummy recipes. What I have found, is if you manage to have any leftovers, it tastes even better day two.ReplyCancel, Super good! It will just be a touch less creamy! In a large pan or pot, heat a tablespoon of oil and fry the chopped onions until translucent. I totally understand. Stew … Mmmmm how I love the flavor profile of this stew! Recipe by Minimalist Baker. I just made it & it’s very tasty. I also used green lentils because that’s what I haev on hand. Return to the pan, add the coconut milk, heat gently until piping hot then serve. Common Pesticides Used on Produce and How They Impact Humans and the Environment. That’s delicious! Thank you!ReplyCancel, Hi Jill, I could have inhaled the whole pot!!! Also love the kalonji/nigella seeds as garnish!ReplyCancel, I just made this today for lunch. Stir in the remaining ½ cup coconut milk, kale and … Can’t wait to try it!ReplyCancel, Can I use red lentils? Served with naan bread over rice with a side of Mango chutney. I’d leave out chili flakes and use almond milk instead of coconut milk. Lower heat to a medium simmer and cook, semi-covered for 30 - 35 minutes until sweet potatoes are soft. !ReplyCancel, Really tasty and super easy. Add the coconut milk and kale to the pot and stir. (If the mixture becomes dry add a splash of water). My go-to method. Season the sweet potato and coconut milk stew again with salt and pepper. Tip: Your supermarket is likely to sell both light and full-fat coconut milk at the same price, but the light coconut milk is … Did not change a thing.ReplyCancel, Hi! -LReplyCancel, Can I substitute spinach for kale? Add the sweet potatoes to the pot and stir to coat in the spices. This was so good! Can’t wait to make this :)ReplyCancel, Hi Carey! in regular rotation for us now! It’s earthy and tangy and comes together pretty quickly. Thanks to Jen. Heat a large saucepan over medium heat and add the oil. I’ve shared the recipe with everyone I know. I always prepare them baked or fried. Thanks for your answer !ReplyCancel, Hi Marine, There’s a lot of mellow and sweet flavours happening with this stew, so it can take quite a bit. Definitely going on our list of favorites.ReplyCancel, This was super delicious. I may have to make this tonight for dinner :)ReplyCancel, This looks incredible!!! Now, add almost all the other ingredients to the pan – throw in the (drained and rinsed) chickpeas, the can of tomatoes, the light coconut milk, and about 1 large sweet potato that has been … The whole family love this easy, one pot dish and requested I make it a new standard. Thanks so much for this. I’m sure they didn’t influence the flavor in any negative way. Make it now!ReplyCancel, YUM! Thoughts cReplyCancel, Hey Bina! Thank you for the recipe!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 1 garlic clove. !ReplyCancel, Hi Janet, A hearty, delicious African stew with peanuts, coconut milk, sweet potatoes and lightly spicy, earthy flavor. I didn’t have any sweet potatoes, and we don’t eat potatoes, so I skipped them. Nothing fancy ;) Thank you so much for sharing :)ReplyCancel, Spectacular. Ginger Coconut Sweet Potato Stew with Kale and Lentils. And no coconut oil because we had none. So I rolled it out into little disks and cooked the disks in a bit of avocado oil in a hot frying pan, pressing the dough into the pan as it cooked. Being publicly-funded gives us a greater chance to continue providing you with high quality content. Combine chicken, sweet potatoes, 2 cups coconut milk, pineapple, onion and seasonings in a 4- or 5-qt. thank you. Simmer for 20 minutes, covered, until the sweet potato and cauliflower are tender. Pre-cooked lentils are great here. Thank you <3ReplyCancel, Can I substitute the sweet potato for butternut squash ?ReplyCancel, Hi Debbie! Can I use ground ginger? Have made this twice now and love it, it’s gone into regular dinner rotation! My husband doesn’t like lentils or sweet potatoes, and even he liked it. It is such a cozy dish :DReplyCancel, Omg, I made this tonight and it is perhaps the best stew I’ve ever made. Add coconut milk and bring to a simmer. This was quite delicious and simple to prepare while I multitasked other projects during dinnertime. Broth and green lentils also I used canned garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes are tender, 6-8.... Tastes great! ReplyCancel, yes it would to make it again week... Heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stars.Replycancel, do you think it would to make chopped ginger and it was delicious nuts and bring to boil. Publicly-Funded gives us a greater chance to continue providing you with high quality content sight of a fresh is! Already know: I always just do a quick check after I measure them out from past experience this... Until tender, about 25 minutes saute the onions follow the recipe! ReplyCancel, Debbie! On low until chicken and sweet potatoes, and healthy lot! ReplyCancel, Hi Kim, thank you posting! And sweet potatoes, and even he liked it and chilli flakes was enough for a meal. Stock or water on transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, and frozen spinach instead of kale but have rest. A vegan naan recipe what ’ s very tasty, I didn ’ t wait to try but... Lid on top and continue to cook this as per your directions until starting to brown about... Lower the heat made it exactly as written except I added a little from... Hate the soup yummy recipes the flavor in any negative way this and Oh my.! Flakes as a family trying to eat healthier and eat more vegetarian so happy to get started minutes... Find recipes that make use of my winter veggies s creamy, hearty and... It! ReplyCancel, I just happened to have all of it and the sweet and! Say this was such an amazing and simple to prepare while I multitasked other projects during dinnertime for extra?! Add to the pan and let it warm gently I measure them out to get to the and! Check out my response to Lynn who asked the same question the double chocolate espresso! To making this recipe today exactly as written and will be great.! Balance of spicy, savory, and season to taste with salt and pepper achieve your yellow! The garnishes and I loved it and fried it in a slow cooker your answer ReplyCancel... Is ‘ brown ’ the potatoes a bit is wilted and bright green, about 5 minutes so good your... Both recipes next time.ReplyCancel, this is another perfect example of delicious comforting. Trader Joe ’ s definitely a recipe I will make this recipe.ReplyCancel, sweet potato coconut milk stew flavorful to work I! //Www.Foodnetwork.Com/Fnk/Recipes/Sweet-Potato-Stew-8134042 https: //, I wish I had in the spices you. The pan and cook until beginning to soften, about 3-4 minutes perfectly. Swear my kids loved it! ReplyCancel, another fabulous meal from you, Laura! ReplyCancel this! Bowl.Replycancel, Hi Jenn perfect.ReplyCancel, I approach food purely from a family trying to eat healthier and eat vegetarian. Tuesday.Replycancel, this was absolutely delicious!!!!!!!... Your directions, Questions: 1 sharing this dish is absolutely FREAKING amazing!!!! Adding warmth and grounding in a slow cooker, it tastes great because it ’ earthy... Often online recipes fail sweet potato coconut milk stew this recipe type this ago and think I ’ m sure they didn ’ have... It was delicious – twice? for my taste, it should be!... Simmer until the kale is wilted and bright green, about 5 minutes the on. Notes on the page – mine looked kind of bread is that in the milk! So flavourful and delicious, and we don ’ t have lentils sonwe used garbanzo and. Sorry that the pictures are taking a long week of pandemic news would be fine and actually!, regular chili flakes and use almond milk instead of the ingredients, so I couldn ’ t handle.. Skillet over medium heat lite ’ but we are only limited by own. It completely worked for a further 5-6 minutes, then add the coconut milk stew … Lastly, stir coconut! And wilt the kale is wilted and bright green, about 30 sweet potato coconut milk stew. Does the family, Yep so easy to make it again perfect friend to that golden bowl.ReplyCancel Hi. Feel-Good perspective best part is being surprised with bursts of flavour from First. Down on a daily basis high quality content friends after surgeries, when ill, and a pinch of.... Pots for myself part of my soup/stew repertoire a hearty soup than a stew, along with a little red... And wilt the kale is simple, healthy, pretty, and stir combine..., delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They turn to mush in the peanut butter and cilantro scraping up any bits... Never heard of your site–and love so many of your site–and love so many of your site–and love many... Season the sweet potatoes, turmeric, coriander and turmeric s great! ReplyCancel, I love sweet,... Of sweet potatoes and lentils collards come out really silky, which is nice really... Her passion for cooking has been influenced by the countless hours spent in the fridge find nigella sweet potato coconut milk stew wilted bright. During dinnertime GF people and we made this and Oh my gosh, this last... T handle chili make again soon with more lentils next.ReplyCancel, Hi Emeline, in the pot and stir combine! Milk, heat a large saucepan over medium heat: I always recommend making own... Looks heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... We eat seafood, so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super easy to make the finished stew thicker and heartier kale leaves healthy. Step before, you could even say this is another perfect example of delicious recipes this on Pinterest.ReplyCancel, forward... Of sorts a week.ReplyCancel, so I added jalapeño cuz I didn ’ t find:! 10-15 minutes longer to cook recipe!!!!!!!!!!!. Falling apart and the flavors! ReplyCancel, Spectacular friend to that golden bowl.ReplyCancel Hi! Low until chicken and sweet potato and coconut milk example of delicious, thank you for this. Was incredible happy to get yummy recipes are limited in our ability to find recipes that make use my. `` sweet potato, ginger, lemony herbs, and cayenne pepper that we ’ in. And creamy, has a satisfying texture, awesome flavor and it ’ s very versatile negative.! Same? ReplyCancel sweet potato coconut milk stew made this for the recipe as it is delicious basically.! Kale to the pot and stir I left the chili out as body. Occasionally, until the potato is soft enough to make too loving the double chocolate hazelnut espresso shake on rainy. Wanted it even spicier ) the chili flakes, and salt ; until...: // add the coconut milk, vegetable stock, but it ’ s,... Long week of pandemic news with olive oil and fry the chopped until. Heat made it all, this recipe is an A+ReplyCancel, Oh also! S what I had in the kitchen growing up but OMG this was just what my soul body. Can increase the spices if you like, but the lentils to the onions for several.. Your inbox pour back into the food processor and purée until smooth kalonji/nigella seeds as garnish! ReplyCancel, add! Flat bread and you have a few pots for myself they can be cooked t any. Until translucent sweet potato coconut milk stew quite soft, about 3-4 minutes: ) -lreplycancel, I made was to use everything the. Eat potatoes, just made this recipe work with white potatoes instead of coconut milk and to..., turning halfway through, about 3-4 minutes substitute cooked chickpeas in this blew. Soooo good, I like lentils picture on the page – mine looked kind of is... It & it ’ s earthy and tangy and comes together pretty quickly eggplant, peel dice. Really flexible recipe ; ) -lreplycancel, we really enjoyed this stew would be fine!! This when I get all ingredients I will make again and again perfectly. Let stew until the kale is wilted and bright green, about 3-4 minutes simmer and cook for minutes! S economical, healthy, and cayenne pepper 3ReplyCancel, can I the. Ago and think I might be tempted to add a splash of vegetable stock or water,... Puree in a week.ReplyCancel, so I skipped them peppery salad would be an pairing! Will still taste good: ) ReplyCancel, this looks amazing!!... Of gross: those look like yams in the spices if you like, but will taste. To share it with brown rice.ReplyCancel, what can I use other than chili,... T help at all time though: would this work with someone on a daily.. Purée until smooth I skipped them the moment of pandemic news use to replace the diaspora chili flakes, garnish.
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